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How can we achieve that sense of feel-good in the bathroom? Get all your ideas on our listing here.

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Shower Accessories

We love to spend far more time in the shower than we actually need in order to get clean. Basically this is far most important that we use daily. More > Rainshower Set, Hand Shower, Shower Head, Heaters, Taps

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This plays a large part in creating a cosy atmosphere. A sophisticated lighting concept made up of indirect lighting, which provides homely ambient light, along with bright lighting elements to create a cosy atmosphere. More > Mirror, Ceiling Light, Tracklight, Downlight

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Bathroom Accessories

The style of interior design makes the user want to spend more time in the bathroom with homely accessories such as shelves, cabinets, all create a cosy atmosphere. Variety products to choose More > Vanities, Basin, Bathroom Accessories, Toilet Bowl, Mirror Cabinet

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Give your bedroom a posh-lift, that wont hurt your wallet
Bring your dining room this look with helpful tips and product find. 
Outdated kitchen transform into a chef best friend.
Refresh your space with these helpful tips, ideas and product picks

Scarlet Ace is a one stop shop for the most varied variety in lighting, fans and bathroom products. Every house is different, while some have very western looking interiors with modern designer fans; while others have the traditional ethnic chandelier, mirror, crystal lights and more to give their home a classy look. With us, anyone can become the interior designer for their home without having to burn a hole in the pocket. Explore the store and you would discover something perfect and unique either for your home or a special gift for friends and family. Its your guide to everything at home. Discover how you can plan a bright and welcoming space at any price. For more products, visit our showroom.

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