“Introduces and exclusive collection of the best fans design and performance. Featuring elegant designs created from the finest materials delivering exceptionally quiet and air movement and performance. We understand that everyone’s tastes and budgets vary and have assembled and extensive range of fans to give you the choice in style, finishes, accessories and price. Combine this with the energy efficiency of a fan and you have a stylish cost effective addition to your home.”

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Ceiling Fans – “A ceiling fan can save homeowners as much as 40 percent on their air conditioning bills by creating a breeze that makes the ambient temperature feel seven or eight degrees cooler than it actually is.”

Desk Fans/Wall Fans – “A complete and easy to reach whenever you need that wind breeze to put up at a spot your’re sitting. It’s all around your house needs. Easy operate with 3 speed button and transparent blades.”

Designer Fans – “Beat the heat and let nothing stop you from feeling cool. Experience comfort and relaxation by installing our classic designer fans, and you’ll get the fresh new look home. “

Standing Fans/Pedestal Fans – “You can choose exactly how and where to position them, and many now come with extra features such as variable speed settings, remote controls and timers.”


  • Fans cost far less to operate than an air conditioner. They are also far less expensive to buy and maintain.
  • Fans are far more transportable than air conditioners and can be used in multiple locations in the home, office or apartment. They are also easily stored after use
  • Fans are the right choice for those concerned about the environment. They do not produce harmful gases and they save electricity, leaving a much smaller carbon footprint
  • Fans are better for specific or temporary cooling tasks, such as sitting at your desk and wanting to feel refreshed or wanting to cool the living room down on an especially hot day
  • Fans are easy to assemble (if any assembly is needed!) and simple to set up and operate.
  • Fans are much less hassle when it comes to maintenance, too. You only need to keep the blades clean, not replace filters, drain water and recharge refrigerant
  • Fans now look much sleeker than their earlier versions.
  • Fans can also provide cooling through a misting action. This brings the cooling of the air to a level even beyond what an air conditioner can do.
  • Fans also make far less noise than their predecessors. They can be much quieter than an air conditioner in some cases.

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