High performance downlight series. Downlights is the hidden secret in today’s modern home. These wonderful products can be used almost everywhere from any HDB, Condominium, Office, Laboratory, Factory, Clinic and/or virtually anywhere that require electrical points.

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[su_tabs vertical=”yes”][su_tab title=”ROUND“]ROUND DOWNLIGHT[su_custom_gallery source=”media: 3092,3093,3094,3095,3096,3097,3098,3099,3100,3101,3102,3103″ link=”lightbox” width=”100″ height=”100″]Tips: Downlights is about creating “layers” of different lighting effects. Just as an interior designer works with colour and texture in the home, the lighting designer will play with downlights on artwork, uplighters to highlight architectural elements and energy-efficient strip lights to turn shelving into a feature of the room. 

[/su_tab] [su_tab title=”SQUARE“]SQUARE DOWNLIGHTS[su_custom_gallery source=”media: 3104,3105,3106,3107,3108,3109,3110,3111,3112″ link=”lightbox” width=”100″ height=”100″]Tips: Downlights create interest and sculptural effects where you never thought possible – uplight a door, under the stairs, in small recessed spaces. Lighting the space beyond draws the eye and makes the spaces appear larger

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